Headstraight is still-bound-for-greatness in the mind of it's creator, Alex Clark.

Baltimore, 1999. Alex Clark earned his undergraduate computer science degree in only 10 years. He then rented studio space and started a band called Dexter.

Dexter achieved modest success via numerous performances at the legendary 8x10 Club in Baltimore, MD, USA. Many of the performances "only" occurred at open mic nights, but still Dexter had found an audience.

In the early 2000s, Alex Clark moved to Bethesda, MD, USA where he renamed Dexter to Headstraight and continued to build on the "success" he achieved in Baltimore. Live performances in DC, Maryland and Virginia soon followed, most notably at the famously mediocre Grog & Tankard.

An EP was released in 2004 followed by an LP in 2006. Unfortunately, Headstraight-the-band imploded in 2006 and Alex Clark went on to pursue other interests. Fortunately for the world, he couldn't live without music and Headstraight-the-solo-project was born in 2016.